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Want to be a Regional panellist?

Who are we looking for:

  • Women, transgender and non-binary people (minimum age is 18)

  • Originally from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific

  • Fluent in English, Arabic, or Spanish

  • Regular internet and email access, and the ability to join meetings remotely (by Zoom or any other platform).

  • Committed to feminist principles of collective power and decision-making

  • Previous experience in organisations, programmes, groups related to STEM or gender equality in STEM is preferred.

  • Have connections to girls, women, transgender, non-binary people organising, programming or movements in your context or community

  • Have an interest in collaborating with and learning from other people across the world in this process

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

A quién buscamos:

  • Mujeres, personas transgénero y no binarias (la edad mínima es de 18 años).

  • Cuyo origen sea de África, Asia, el Caribe, Latinoamérica, Medio Oriente y el Pacífico

  • Inglés, árabe o español fluido.

  • Acceso regular a Internet y correo electrónico, y tener la posibilidad de unirse a reuniones de forma remota (por Zoom o cualquier otra plataforma).

  • Comprometidas con los principios feministas del poder colectivo y la toma de decisiones.

  • De preferencia con experiencia previa en organizaciones, programas, grupos relacionados con STEM o igualdad de género en STEM.

  • Tener conexiones con niñas, mujeres, personas transgénero y no binarias que se organizan, programan o son parte de movimientos en su contexto o comunidad.

  • Tener interés en colaborar y aprender de otras personas de todo el mundo en este proceso.

  • Excelentes habilidades interpersonales y de comunicación.

Women Win will co-design and launch FREE STEM Fund, in close collaboration with the Advisory Committee (AC) and four Regional Peer Panels (RPP): Latin America & Caribbean, Africa, Asia & the Pacific, and the Middle East. The Advisory Committee has already been recruited. Now we are looking to form the four RPPs.


Each RPP is responsible to review, score and shortlist FREE STEM Fund applications from their region. Each panellist will be crucial in providing local context for the many unique and collective experiences of the girls, women, transgender and non-binary people who are the target beneficiaries of FREE STEM.

           :عمّن نبحث

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