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Want to be an advisory committee member?

Who are we looking for:

The AC shall consist of approximately 5 members. The envisioned skills and expertise of the AC are;
● Girls’ and women’s rights, gender equality;
● Experience working towards gender equality in the floriculture, tea, or coffee sector in East
● Representative of different geographies, contexts, and languages;
● Representative of diverse types of organisations and sectors

Women Win will co-design and launch the first round of FREE Grow investing in organisations that support women working in the floriculture, tea, and coffee sectors in East Africa, in close collaboration with the Advisory Committee (AC) and a Peer Panel (PP)


The FREE Grow Advisory Committee (AC) is the governing body tasked with participating in key
governance and grant-making decisions related to the Fund. It is composed of representatives from
both funding organisations and other organisations that support women’s rights in the floriculture, tea,
and coffee sectors in East Africa.

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