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Tanzania Support for Women’s Rights

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Tanzania  Support  for  Women  Rights  (TASUWORI) is  a nongovernmental, non-profitable and nonpartisan  organization  founded  in February  2012. At TASUWORI they focus on women socio-economic empowerment, HTPs/FGM, education and health,  HIV/AIDS,  partnership  and  networking;   mainstreaming   gender,   environment   and disability; as well as capacity, mobilizing, and synchronizing the efforts of our members.

The funds  from FREE Fund contributes to the Empowerment of Girls and women with or  without  disabilities,  Sex  workers,  Young  Mothers and  Adolescent  girls. in  Morogoro Regional-Gairo District State of Tanzania to have a meaningful contribution in and benefit from the  overall  development  of  the  region  and  decrease  the  existing  gender  gap.  This  will  be indicated by the improved women participation in various economics activities, participation in the  decision  making  arenas  both  at  household  level  and  at  community  level,  respect  for  their rights, improved access to public services and increased skill and income generation capacity of the subject women

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