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Rural Disabled Women Association

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RUDIWA is a community-based organization founded by disabled young women and girls in 2016 in Bundibugyo, western Uganda, led by and serving marginalized disabled young women and girls fighting the various forms of violence they face. RUDIWA works towards a community where there is justice, fairness, rights protection for the needy and equality for disabled women and girls irrespective of religion, physical ability, and political inclinations.

FREE FUND support will be used to train disabled teenage girls in hands on work short courses in Hair dressing and saloon management, Tailoring and garment cutting and design, Knitting and modern basket weaving and also train disabled young women and girls in entrepreneurship, small scale business development and establish for them a mini-micro finance revolving funds to support small businesses. It will also support in training disabled adolescent girls both in school and outside school in making innovative re-usable sanitary pads which will support in sustaining girls in school and availing them with SRHR information magazines. The funds will help in creating safe learning spaces for literacy and numeracy skills which is a basis of lifelong learning.

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