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Global Learning for Sustainability

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Global Learning for  Sustainability(GLS) is a young women-led and Inclusive Organization founded in2015 as a Life Skills Education programme with a mission to support and ensure that young people especially   Girls  and  Young Women have opportunities to acquire global skills, learn from one another, and work together to solve common global challenges. Addressing challenges that relate to SDGs 4,5 &13. GLS ensures that its policies and operations place girls and young women at the center. GLS builds capacity of other organizations to provide leadership opportunities to girls and women in their diversities to achieve Gender Equality.

GLS will utilize FREE to strengthen Leadership Capacities and Economic opportunities for 160 Girl and Young Women in 5 communities of Kampala and Wakiso Districts through scaling up their Businesses, mentorship, and access to market. The funds will also be used to support formation of a Girls and Young Women SACCO through partnership with existing financial institutions. It is hoped that the project will be scaled up to other communities through peer to peer business mentorship.

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