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For Our Children

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FOR OUR CHILDREN (FOC) is female-led, non-profitable organisation formed in 2018 and registered as a trust organisation in Zimbabwe, with a mission to improve the welfare of adolescent girls and women in rural areas. The organisation envisage a Zimbabwe in which all girls have access to quality education, skills and up to date information that enable them to make informed choices and take up leadership positions within society. Our broad aim at FOC is to improve the livelihood of vulnerable girls and women in Zimbabwe living in rural areas.

The organisation seeks to bridge that gap by providing support to ensure efficient provision and utilisation of resources that women and girls need to succeed in life, education is one of those resources. As such FOC aim to empower girls and women in various aspects. The Free Fund grant is going to assist FOC in empowering girls in rural Zimbabwe to take up and be confident in joining the traditionally male-dominated STEM subjects. In addition, we envisage the long term impacts of the fund to create a balance between boys and girls in science professions.

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