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Eagle Wings youth initiatives

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Eagle Wings Youth Initiatives is a non-governmental organization established by and for marginalized women with the mission of creating the bridge where they will have an opportunity to engage with one another irrespectively of their gender identity and sexual orientation. In the process, Eagle wings creates a platform where marginalized women will engage with the rest of the community in order to promote inclusion, equality and freedom. Focus area covers Advocacy, Legal literacy, Health services. Mental health, safety and security and Economic empowerment.

This project will create an opportunity for LBTQ women who have been marginalized, discriminated against, and lack economic opportunities to earn living and sustain their lives, it will help them achieve economic independence and help other LBTQ women in the community. It will save the community from the violence; lack of basic needs and depression hence ensure their safety and security. It will ensure them with economic sustainability and resilience. This will be the way towards achieving economic independence for LBTQ women in Tanzania which add up to the mission and impact of FREE.

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