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Bayethe Development Institute is a Zimbabwe based Not-For-Profit organization that empowers marginalized communities with life skills to strengthen their inclusion and participation in all development processes including humanitarian interventions. Our organisational Vision is to create an inclusive society conducive for sustainable development and our mission is to equip marginalised communities with knowledge, skills and practical ongoing support for youth driven positive social change anchored by an environment of hard work, shared values, cooperation, and mutual understanding.

Bayethe Development Institute, through support from FREE FUND aims to launch livelihoods support rapid response initiative to equip LBTQI entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35 in Harare and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe with life skills and business support for resilience to cope through the COVID19 pandemic. The project addresses and provides training for LBTQI entrepreneurs focusing in the areas of financial management, business management and communication, sales and marketing strategy, digital and social media marketing.

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