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for Girls
& Women

The FREE Fund invests in sustainable solutions to enhance economic resilience and empower adolescent girls, young women, and their communities.

Applications for the first round of the FREE Fund are currently closed. The FREE GROW Fund will be opening july 10 - july 26 2024

Why Girls & Women?

Evidence is indicating that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting adolescent girls and young women, and threatens the gains of the past decades in advancing women’s economic empowerment, health, rights and safety. They face a particular set of financial and social burdens which make their ability to thrive and fulfil their potential more difficult.

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Very few funds relate gender equity to economic resilience, and existing funds responding to COVID-19 are primarily focused on short-term, critical needs. The FREE (Financial Resilience for Economic Empowerment) Fund aims to provide a solution to this challenge.

Who can apply?

FREE accepted applications from individual women, grassroots groups and organisations supporting the long-term economic resilience of adolescent girls and young women.

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