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for Girls
& Women

The FREE Fund provides long-term economic resilience funding for adolescent girls and young women impacted by COVID-19.

Applications for the first round of the FREE Fund are currently closed. Please check back for more information about future rounds of funding. 

Why Girls & Women?

Evidence is indicating that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting adolescent girls and young women, and threatens the gains of the past decades in advancing women’s economic empowerment, health, rights and safety. They face a particular set of financial and social burdens which make their ability to thrive and fulfil their potential more difficult.

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Very few funds relate gender equity to economic resilience, and existing funds responding to COVID-19 are primarily focused on short-term, critical needs. The FREE (Financial Resilience for Economic Empowerment) Fund aims to provide a solution to this challenge.

Who can apply?

FREE accepted applications from individual women, grassroots groups and organisations supporting the long-term economic resilience of adolescent girls and young women.

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